Monday, November 25, 2013

Winter: Coats Edition

Living in Miami, Fl means I have no use for coats, but I am madly in love with them. As a once, frequent visitor of New York, Maryland, Virginia and Canada. I have one good coat, but I am hoping I move out of Florida soon to a colder state. If I am lucky enough to move out of this sweat box I would like some of these coats. 

1. Zara Zip-Up Coat

2. Zara Double Breasted Woollen Cloth Coat

3. Ruche Pheobe Double-Breasted Coat

4. Ruche Mount Camel Sash Belt Coat

5. ASOS Skater Coat 

Coats are something you have to invest in, because winter is COLD. I am saving up some money to buy a beautiful new coat and hopefully, one of these coats are still around in January for me to buy. 


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