Wednesday, November 20, 2013

First Outfit: Comfy Sweaters

Lately, I have noticed comfy, cropped sweaters. The sweaters are chunky and extremely comfortable looking. I thought I would make my first outfit using a cropped sweater as my main piece. This sweater from Nastygal is the perfect choice for me in my opinion. The sweater has diagonal zippers placed near the collarbone. 

I thought it would be perfect to pair with an overall skirt from Urban Outfitters. The overall/suspender is in a red plaid color. It will give the outfit some color and a punk look. 

I live in Miami, Fl so there is no need for tights and when the weather gets cooler the sweater is good enough to keep you warm. I have been into chunky boots lately and I thought I would find some gorgeous boots to compliment the outfit. These boots aren't as chunky as I want them to be, but I feel like they work in this particular outfit.

I do feel like something is missing from the outfit. Maybe some thigh-high tights will make it more complete or faux thigh-high tights. 


My personal style has been all over the place lately, but my love of punk has been increasing. The need for more black, plaid, leather and boots have been a necessity in my wardrobe. 

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