Friday, December 27, 2013

New Year, New Thoughts

The New Year is almost upon me and it has me thinking of all of my regrets for 2013. So many things I should have done and said. But the New Year has me thinking of new ways to act and talk. I look at all the other fashion bloggers and see their success. I realize I don't want to be a successful fashion blogger, I want to be a successful blogger with a range of interest. Clothes aren't the only thing that make me happy anymore, art does too. Life is funny, I denied myself creative outlets, because my parents never thought it was "acceptable." Acceptable meaning I wouldn't make a living off of it and now I can't seem to live without it. Art and fashion keep me level header. So here is my list for the NEW YEAR:

  1. Make better art
  2. Stop being so nervous when I am around people
  3. Try new things
  4. Design more clothes
  5. Make my designs
  6. Get into a merchandising program
  7. Learn the inner workings of the fashion industry
  8. A better skin regime, because I keep breaking out (I have been staying away from fast food)
This list is better than my list last year. It is more possible. I realized my goals were too big for one year. There is nothing wrong with having big goals, sometimes you have to realize all your goals cannot come true in a short time. And that is the most important thing 2013 taught me. Life doesn't happen for people you have to work hard. Yes, some people have it easier than most, but that is okay. It may be a little hard, but in the end you will appreciate it more. I know I am grateful for all the good things that happen to me. I am in Japan right now. A friend reminded me it was one of the places I wanted to go to in high school. It was a goal of mines and look where I am now. I am in an amazing country and I love every bit of it. I hope to comeback here in 5 years. 

Here is to 2014 and finding out more about myself and finding a lover.


Sunday, December 22, 2013

New Arrivals #1

My very healthy obsession with online shopping has led me to new segment for my blog. I enjoy looking at the new arrivals at different online retail stores, so I thought I would add pictures from different retail stores or just one. Today I have been loving all of the clothes I have seen at It isn't a site a visit often, but I saw an ad at the side of Yahoo! and clicked it.

Here are a few or many of the items I will possibly purchase:








Tuesday, December 17, 2013

American Eagle Knit Jeggings: Crushed Berry

When I saw the AE knit jeggings I fell madly in love. The crushed berry color is out of my comfort zone and that is why I purchased this color. It is time for me to stop blending in with society and push to be different. Another reason I purchased them was the high rating it had from several other customers. 

The moment I saw them I thought of several clothing items to pair with them. My cropped t-shirt with a roaring lion print and my moto, ankle boots. The items I am talking about are no longer for sale, so I found other items I would place with it. 

1. Express Graphic T-Shirt

2. BDG Mesh Sails Sweater

3. Dr. Martens 1460 

4. Reboot Moto Jacket

All of these pieces shouldn't be placed together, but I think the items go well with those beautifully, comfortable pants. 


Thursday, December 12, 2013

My Current Obsessions


I have watched these two music at least 30 times in 2 days. It is most likely more, but I don't want to seem too crazy into it. Panic! At the Disco has gotten a new fan. I just recently heard about them through a friends Facebook status. My favorite songs at the moment are "This is Gospel" and "Girls/Girls/Boys."


Lately, I have been obsessed with print pants. It is weird, because I don't own any pants. My closet is void of the thing I am obsessing in. THAT IS WEIRRRRDDD! Then again, I am weird. Here are a few pants I would love to have in my closet. When the end of year sale happens at most stores I will buy print pants till my bank account cries. 

1. Wasteland Pants

2. River Island Pants


1. Instagram

I have been on Instagram everyday day on the hour. I am becoming an addict. 


P.S. Hopefully I can overcome my Instagram addiction, but not my shopping. I love to shop!

Monday, December 9, 2013

Hello Beautiful!

For the past 2 years I have had serious body issues. My weight has fluctuated between 130-155 lbs. At the moment I am 144 and I am hoping to keep losing fat. I don't desire to be skinny, I desire to be toned and healthy. Two years ago I wanted to be as thin as can be and I even resorted to throwing up after I ate. I stopped immediately, because it wasn't the right thing to do to lose weight. Then I resorted to starving myself, which didn't help. I got constant headaches, felt weak and my face broke out. I ended that in three days. 

Dealing with depression while having body image problems is very hard on the brain. Instead of working on my body I ended up eating TONS of cookies and ice cream. A carton a day keeps the troubles coming. I ate everything that was bad for me, like tacos, burritos, gyros, freshly baked krispy kreme donuts, cookies, chocolate, mac n' cheese, fried chicken, New York styled pizza, garlic knots, quesadillas, chiclen wings, ice cream (vanilla, chocolate, cookie n' cream, New York super fudge chunk and vanilla swiss almond), chicken fettuccine, burgers french fries, and so much more. I became a "fatty" and it was bad. None of my clothes were fitting. Luckily, I have a mother, father and brother, who told me I was a fatty and should lose weight. I didn't appreciate the way they said it, but it was an eye opener. When I was on birth control I gained weight, and then the anti-depressants and the constant eating added on to it. 

Once I moved back home, the eating didn't stop, but it slowed down. I got a job in retail and I started to lose some of the weight slowly, but surely. As of recent, two boys at my job have been giving me some unwanted attention. They constantly call me beautiful. I am not one of those girls to drop my pants for a compliment. I have very low self-esteem and I don't accept compliments, because I would rather feel that way about myself. I want to look in the mirror and feel beautiful. I know I am not gorgeous, but that is how I want to feel when I look at myself. I want to see someone I am proud of and that is what I am working towards, being a better me. 


P.S. I am trying to eat better but I love junk food. I eat way less though. I do love eating fruits, carrots, lettuce, and cucumbers.

P.S. I have a dress I hope to wear once I lose a bit of weight. The one I have is in a orange, red color and has a more textured look.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Polka Dots and Embroidery

As part of my online clothing browsing addiction I decided to check out Forever 21's new arrivals. It has been awhile since I checked out their site to see what they had to offer. I spotted a polka dot sweater and a embroidered skirt. Mixing different patterns is something I love to do, even if it makes me look like a crazy person. In my opinion, crazy people know how to have more fun. Would I wear these two items together? Most likely. I like mixing chunky and flow-y items together. Fashion and comfort can coincide. 

The chunky polka dot sweater is a nice addition to the outfit to keep warm, especially since it is winter in most regions of the USA. I happen to live in a region where it is hot most of the year, so when the cold fronts come in I throw on a chunky sweater and enjoy it while it last. My legs don't get cold like my upper body, so putting on an embroidered skirt like the one above with some tights will be just fine. I might buy the skirt soon, because it look like it would be a great addition to my growing closet.