Monday, August 3, 2015

Moved to Wordpress

It is time for a change! 

Blogger has been great, but I feel like I will be able to grow more with Wordpress.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Cool girls wear shreds

It's my birthday and I am flying to a better me!!!

Aeropostale - Kimono | Hollister - Slim Crop Cami | Hollister - Shredded Boyfriend Jeans | American Eagle - Sandals

Today is my birthday and I am happy! That is all. Well and I wanted to post something where I look hellah cool.




Monday, July 27, 2015

70's Girl

Bralette -  Abercrombie & Fitch | High-rise Flare Pants - Abercrombie & Fitch | Earrings and Necklace - Forever21 | Boots - H&M

It has been awhile, but all I can say is I truly missed blogging for the month and some I didn't. Hopefully I keep pushing through my sad periods and keep creating the things I love to do. 



Monday, July 20, 2015

Marley Twist (First Time)

My friends were having a birthday dinner and I wanted to try something new with my hair. The best place to find hair-piration is Pinterest.  After scouring through several pictures I finally saw something I loved. It was a girl with thick twist in her hair. Once I figured out what I was looking at I went on Youtube and learned how to install the hair. The only problem was my hair is brown and I got only find black hair. In my opinion, it still looks good, but according to my dad it doesn't fit me. 

After 9 packs of hair and 7 hours of braiding/twisting it was completed. A few of the things I learned after doing. 
1. Use beeswax to keep my natural hair in place. 
2. Use less hair
3. Twist the twist more
4. Lastly, shorter length. 

Next time I will try to do box braids!



P.S.  I've been gone for far too long. It is always hard for me to admit that I need to talk to someone to help me through my depression. At times I can overcome it, but sometimes it holds me back from doing the things I love, such as showing my blog love, painting and photography. 

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Ripped and Off-the-Shoulder

Smocked Off-The-Shoulder Crop Top - Hollister | Destroyed (more over a period of time) Skinny Jeans- Hollister | Bomber Jacker - Hollister | Scandals - Banana Republic

I really loved the pictures I used in the gif, but they were all out of focus. :(
I ended up having to retake all of the photos, but it wasn't a bad thing. Getting in front of the camera doesn't scare me as much as it did before. I am starting to see what my friends see when they look at me. Well, what they tell me they see, which is a beautiful person. 



Tuesday, June 9, 2015


Halter-Hollister | Kimono-Hollister | Sky High Jeans-American Eagle | Sandals- M.I.A

I've never been the type of person to wear a halter top. It always had to do with my self-confidence. Now that I am working on bettering myself I have no fucks to give anymore. Well I give a little bit of fucks. My style is evolving and I am becoming more experimental with it. This year I want to finally sign up to go and teach English in Japan. I have travelled to a few countries and it is always on my mind. The little things remind me of what I miss and it doesn't happen when I see an asian person. I am reminded of my time there when I see a train schedule (hyperdia), my yen coin necklace, and etc. It could also be that I am ALWAYS looking at my yen coin necklace. I really would love to go back. 


Monday, June 1, 2015

Cage Up the Print

Strapless Ruffle Romper-Hollister | Tall Gladiator Sandals-Madden Girl

I really love this print. Rompers are in my top 10 of most loved clothing items. The ruffles over your chest allow someone with small to possibly medium breast size to not wear a bra. Which is something I love to do. Oh my love for braless day knows no bounds. I like this romper, but if I lose some weight I think it will look much better on me. It looks good and I am going to keep it. 



Monday, May 25, 2015

Getting to Know My Backyard


   Banana Tree.

More Banana Tree.

Sugar Cane.

Some Type of Flower.

Some Type of Flower that hasn't bloomed.

Green stuff doing what green stuff does. (Grow)

Dying Julie mango tree.

Ripening Julie mango.

Green Julie mango.

Dying Julie mango.

More Green Stuff.

Spider web in dying tree.

Yellow Banana Tree Leaf.

The main thing I love about living in Florida is how green it is all year long. My backyard is almost a true islanders dream. It has banana, coconut and trees, and the most delicious thing of all is sugarcane. When I do eat it I usually have my dad peel it for me, but if I am desperate to have it I will do it myself. Well, my backyard has a long way to go before it can be a true islanders dream. I come from two island backgrounds, Antigua and Jamaica. The backyard would need an avocado (pear for all my Jamaicans out there), starfruit, soursop, breadfruit, black pineapple, ackee and more. I don't think my backyard is big enough for all of that deliciousness. 

Coconut tree.



Wednesday, May 20, 2015

I'm back bettttcchhheess


It is great to be back!

I purchased a new, beautiful camera. The camera is a Sony A77-II. Knowing myself I planned on naming it, but that seemed a little unconventional. Lies! It is normal and I have done it. It is named after my favorite anime character from "Ouran High School Host Club, but I doubt I will mention the name online. Don't want to lay all of my weird on the internet at once. You have to slowly show people the "crazy."

Yesterday I decided to take the new baby for a spin and try on some new clothes I got. Most of my new clothes are from Hollister. They have brought their A-game this year and I am loving it, but my bank account is hating it. 

Ruffle Top - Hollister | Grey Denim Shorts (Alternative) - Hollister | Tall Gladiator Sandals (Alternative) - Madden Girl




P.S. This year is improving slowly and my new  haircut is rather fetching. More to come!

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Putting a brush to canvas again

It has been awhile, since I have painted. The floors in my room were being renovated at a snails pace, so I was out of my room for three months. I moved back into my room about two weeks ago and I had an urge to paint. At first, I was scared since it had been awhile. As a person who lacks self-confidence I tend to always think I will suck at something. It is a hobby I picked up 4 years ago and I still don't have any idea what I am doing. I just pick up a paint brush and let go the moment take me.

I was sitting on the floor and pulled out one of my many canvases. Paint was thrown on it and a brush was moving in my hand. In that moment I forgot about everything that has been bothering me. It was beautiful to me that I constantly want to be in that moment. That night I painted three very different pieces and I like them.

Tape is constantly used in my art to created straight lines. When I look at this piece I see a bikini bottom seen through an interesting pattern. 

Squeeze bottles are incredibly fun and I think they are quite difficult to use. 

Q-Tips can be used for art too and  I am going to keep on using them. 


P.S. I had to take out my septum piercing, because it was done wrong. The two month wait period is going to kill me. 

R.I.P to my Septum Piercing 9.12.14 - 4.2.15.

Friday, January 2, 2015

2nd Day of the New Year

The new year has come and I am not as excited as I was last year. Last year, I was in Japan and high on international travel. I even used the most hated phrase on the planet, "New Year, New Me." I have heard that phrase too many times to know it means absolutely nothing anymore. I am a homebody and on New Years Eve I was invited to a little party. Nothing interesting happened at the party, but it was worth going to. I needed a change that I thought I would have started making at the beginning of last year, which obviously didn't occur. 

This year I am going against the idea of making a resolution and instead I plan on making short-term goals. I am one of those people that used to make absurd resolutions, like going to be super fit this year, going to get a boyfriend, going to learn to do a backflip and etc. If you knew me you would understand that the boyfriend resolution is absurd to me. 

I want to start with working on my fear to try, because of a chance of failure. The first thing I am going to do to work on that is sign up for a swimming class. This girl right here has never learned to swim and it is important, in my opinion. My next short-term goal is to improve my drawing capabilities, by signing up for an art class. The last I would like to do before the year is up is sign up for a teaching position to teach English in Japan. 

For about two years now I have been living my life on neutral. I haven't done anything I am extremely proud of and I want to change that. I want to take more risk, not be scared, love the person I see in the mirror, not be mean, not be shy, but I learned it all takes time to push through the shell I build around myself. 

Even though I hate saying these type of things, but here I go, "This year is to putting a crack in the shell I made and learning to enjoy the light that streams through."


P.S. I cut my hair.