Sunday, November 10, 2013

Just Keep Pinning

Pinterest is a way of life. Once you start pinning, you can never stop. I got my pinterest account two years ago and I pin several items everyday. I don't think I will ever have the capability to stop. Calling it an addiction would be insulting, because pinterest helps you like google. I have learned how to DIY my closet, different workout moves, found clothes I liked and discovered new quotes to use. When you pin you add something to the pot and the pot rewards you with knowledge of other things. I have never been to China, but I have seen so many beautiful pictures of the Great Wall that I am dying to go. 
Pinning things on Pinterest is a way I keep track of all the clothing and electronic items I want. Pinterest has this new feature, they email you when the items you've pin go on sale. It is saving me a butt load of time and I love that. I no longer have to go on websites everyday to see if the item I am pining over has a lower price. THANK YOU PINTEREST FOR CARING ABOUT MY WALLET. 

Here are a few items I have pinned
(It will include other categories, clothing is not my only love):
1. Moisturizing oils
As a black woman with relaxed hair it is important for me to moisturize my strands. The harsh chemicals from the relaxer dries it out and I am always looking up ways to keep my locks hydrated. 

2.Sakura Road in Japan
 The only thing to say is GORGEOUS!

3. Future kitchen
I am one of those women, who wants the big, deluxe kitchen. The real question is, "DO I COOK?" I do not cook anything in my kitchen at the moment except cookies.

4. H&M Jersey Dress
The dress speaks to me in different ways. The low scoop back and the hi-low aspects of the dress, in my opinion, ooze possibilities. You can wear the dress with heels, sandals or boots, maybe add a leather jacket or cardigan. This is a perfect dress for girls with gorgeous backs and legs. 

5. Macro Photography
Photography has always been interesting to me, but I don't have the funds to buy a camera. Instead of pining over the camera I enjoy looking at photographs that are expertly taken. 

Pinterest is something I really enjoy browsing through, because I get to see things I normally wouldn't.


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