Thursday, November 14, 2013

Mary-Ann, Terry Doesn't Live Here

Yesterday, the urge to check the voicemail for the house telephone appeared. While I was going through each message deciding whether to delete the message or not, I heard multiple messages from a lady named, "Mary-Ann."
I am guessing Mary-Ann has been calling the wrong number without realizing it. Message after message I expected Mary-Ann to get angrier, but she kept on sending well wishes to Terry. The first message I listened to Mary-Ann mentioned how her life was just starting to get better. On the third message, she happily said, "Hey girl." I could feel her determination to speak to the elusive Terry. After the fourth message, I started think, "Is Terry avoiding Mary-Ann?" The messages span over a month time period. Why hasn't Terry called Mary-Ann or does Terry think Mary-Ann is avoiding her?
To Mary-Ann, the lady who gets happier and happier with each left message, 


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