Monday, October 27, 2014

Sneaky, sneak, sneaker wedges


Jacket-Urban Outfitters| T-shirt-Pacsun| Plaid Skirt-Tilly's| Thigh High Socks-Japan| Sneaker Wedges- American Eagle

The moment I saw sneaker wedges I didn't like it. After seeing them on several people I decided to give it a try, because all things in fashion should be worn before judgement can be passed. Is what I will never think again. Most people know what looks good on them and I should have stuck to what I know. The sneaker wedges aren't for me and I decided to find them a new home. My preference for sneakers are flat not elevated. It looked great on so many people and I thought I could be one of them. Next time I will try a trend on at a store and not buy it before.
Lesson Learned!

P.S That trucker jean jacket, in my opinion, looks great with a short skirt and I will try to recreate this look with different shoes. 

Monday, October 20, 2014

The braless leo

No bra=Comfort

My zodiac sign.

Skirt-American Eagle| Muscle Shirt-Urban Outfitter| Shoes-High Top Converse

There is one thing in the world I love more than ice cream and it is flowy clothes. I love to be comfortable and show my personality through my clothes. Ever since I gained weight I started wearing darker colors, especially black. Black is known for its slimming effect on the body and being slim is something I talk about, but never do anything about. The "not doing anything" is about to change, since I got a better job. The increase in money will be help in getting a gym membership or buying a treadmill. 
My progress with my new job hasn't been as well as I want, but I am not going to give up. When things get hard, I get really stressed and I can't think straight. It has been something of a challenge and I want to change it. Hopefully with time, I will conquer this madness. 


Sunday, October 19, 2014

Photography Software Fun

This is what happens when I get photography software and I can't sleep at night. Hopefully, I get some sleep tomorrow night, because I have work. I have no idea how I did anything, but I do like the end results. It is just luck and I plan on learning how to do this more often for myself. Creative outlets are my favorite way to express myself, because I never seem to find the words. When I paint, take photos, wear clothes, draw and etc., I find what I want to say.


Monday, October 13, 2014

The Crops and The Jeans

Aeropostale Crop Top

Hollister Crop Top

Tobi Crop Top

Pacsun Crop Top

Pacsun Crop Top

                                                       Sky High Waister Jeans-American Eagle

Banana Republic-Flats


My room is finally getting flooring and I am pretty happy about that. It has been two months, since I last slept in it and I miss it. I haven't been able to paint or create anything artistic, because I had to pack my art supplies away. Hopefully, I am sleeping in  my room next week and painting away. I have already thought of several things I would like to get on a canvas.


Monday, October 6, 2014

Three Boots and Plaid Pants

Denim Shirt-Hollister Plaid Pants-Aeropostale Navy Blue Boots-PLNDR Taupe Boots-Express Black Boots-MIA

Last week was better than I thought it would be. I was promoted at work and I can fire people, which makes me feel quite powerful. Another good thing that happened was seeing my best friends on Friday, when I wore this outfit. We went out to BJ's brewhouse, which has now become one of my favorite restaurant. The chicken quesadilla and fried chicken with mash potatoes is spectacular. But the best thing they have is the Pzookie. It is a simply, amazing dessert of a freshly baked cookie and ice cream. The dessert is something that can be made at home, but I would rather they make it for me.