Monday, May 25, 2015

Getting to Know My Backyard


   Banana Tree.

More Banana Tree.

Sugar Cane.

Some Type of Flower.

Some Type of Flower that hasn't bloomed.

Green stuff doing what green stuff does. (Grow)

Dying Julie mango tree.

Ripening Julie mango.

Green Julie mango.

Dying Julie mango.

More Green Stuff.

Spider web in dying tree.

Yellow Banana Tree Leaf.

The main thing I love about living in Florida is how green it is all year long. My backyard is almost a true islanders dream. It has banana, coconut and trees, and the most delicious thing of all is sugarcane. When I do eat it I usually have my dad peel it for me, but if I am desperate to have it I will do it myself. Well, my backyard has a long way to go before it can be a true islanders dream. I come from two island backgrounds, Antigua and Jamaica. The backyard would need an avocado (pear for all my Jamaicans out there), starfruit, soursop, breadfruit, black pineapple, ackee and more. I don't think my backyard is big enough for all of that deliciousness. 

Coconut tree.



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