Wednesday, May 20, 2015

I'm back bettttcchhheess


It is great to be back!

I purchased a new, beautiful camera. The camera is a Sony A77-II. Knowing myself I planned on naming it, but that seemed a little unconventional. Lies! It is normal and I have done it. It is named after my favorite anime character from "Ouran High School Host Club, but I doubt I will mention the name online. Don't want to lay all of my weird on the internet at once. You have to slowly show people the "crazy."

Yesterday I decided to take the new baby for a spin and try on some new clothes I got. Most of my new clothes are from Hollister. They have brought their A-game this year and I am loving it, but my bank account is hating it. 

Ruffle Top - Hollister | Grey Denim Shorts (Alternative) - Hollister | Tall Gladiator Sandals (Alternative) - Madden Girl




P.S. This year is improving slowly and my new  haircut is rather fetching. More to come!

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