Friday, January 31, 2014

What Career Should You Actually Have?

I am a sucker for all things quizzical on Facebook. Today like all days proved I have no life. I had nothing better to do so I took a quiz from buzzfeed, What Career Should You Actually Have? And what do you think I got, DESIGNER! I have taken over 15 career quizzes and I always get something creative. My entire life I have always drawn clothes or doodled on my school notes. No one really knew what I did, so my parents never knew that I wanted to enhance my ability. After high school I listened to what other people had to say and went down the wrong direction, SCIENCE. YIKES!!! Science isn't for everyone and it has helped the world, but I am not a science type thinker. I have always seen the color in life, but when I went down the scientific road and not the creative I saw black and white. After going down a dark tunnel and events happened, I finally feel like a creative career is the best bet for me. I would love to be a designer of clothes and an abstract painter. But I feel like I am not as amazing as my best friend thinks I am. The lack of self-esteem I have is appalling and I wish I actually could see the possibility of myself making clothes, but it is hard once you go down the dark tunnel to find your way out. I feel like I am finally half my way out of the dark tunnel, but I also feel like I have stopped. On the surface I want to keep moving and deep down I want to keep moving. Yet I am stuck in a place where I feel stuck. Hopefully I gain higher self-esteem and a focus to start working on increasing my intellectual capabilities. Here's to me buying a sewing machine and getting closer to my dream. 


P.S. I am watching Elementary and it is an episode on dinosaurs. I feel like a book where 100-400 dinosaurs were lucky and didn't die. Instead of staying the way they were they evolved to look like humans. With there advanced evolution, they were capable of living long. They can only have babies with other evolved dinosaurs. I would read that book or watch that movie. MAKE MY DREAM A REALITY. 

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