Tuesday, January 28, 2014


A year after the last episode of the last season and I have finally completed Fringe. The main reason I am completing it is Netflix is unpredictable and they tend to take down movie or television shows. It is one of the first SciFi shows to catch my eye and keep it.  I have watched a lot of shows with advance thinking and technology. I've tried Defiance and Continuum, and they did nothing. I do like them, but it got boring after 2 episodes. They get dull and lose the magic they had in the first episode. Fringe was always intrigued me and had me wanting more of Peter and Olivia. 

Peter and Olivia had a way better love story than most. They had to deal with time and an alternate universe, where her alternate got pregnant with his child. Isn't it like he got her pregnant? Well, she got really upset with him. Then a whole bunch of shit happened and Peter was erased from the universe or whatever. He finds his way back and since I am not into science, but I like Scifi's I thought it was cool. She forgot him, but starts to remember him and they fall in love again. Even though she has lived a life without him, she remembers his timeline. In the last season, Peter and Olivia have several obstacles in their way as they try to get rid of the Observers. 

I am a huge Peter and Olivia fan, but I LOVE WALTER BISHOP. He once was a maniacal genius, but had parts of his brain removed and he became a quirky genius. He brings the show comedic relief when things can serious. He never remembers his assistant's name, which is Astrid. He enjoys milkshakes and doing acid. In season 5, he sees the green fairy. I thought they only way to see the green fairy was by drinking absinthe, like in Moulin Rouge. It is a joke people I know better. Walter Bishop is a cautionary tale for scientist thinking they should go beyond what can help the world. 

I know this is off topic, but the actor that plays Agent Broyles seems to only play characters like this one. The characters are in the military and display power. I understand his voice is powerful, but I feel like he can do other things. I shouldn't say these things, because I haven't done any research on the actor to see if he has done anything else. 

I tend to get off topic and ramble. Fringe is a show for people that enjoy Science Fiction. It has great character build-up and you gain an understanding of each character. I miss it as much as I miss Firefly. This is one of the reasons why I can't write a book  it would be very confusing.

I just remembered I was talking about Fringe. I am writing this 40 minutes later. I got caught up watching the last episode, which should have been more than 43 minutes. The last episode is emotional  and I cried like a baby. I don't know if you would watch the show after my god awful rantings of a mad woman, but the ending was amazing. 


P.S. I have seen Serenity 20 times. I probably will watch it later and make the count 21. 

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