Friday, January 24, 2014

Weird Dream

The dream I had last night was very weird. I am starting to forget it. All I can remember is going to meet my dream daughter for the first time in years. I meet her and we hang out, but the entire time there is this old lady with me. She is very encouraging and sweet towards me. Maybe she is responsible for my well-being. When we are heading back to god knows where, we stop at this very nice train station. You couldn't tell it was impressive until you went upstairs. The main thing I remember is the food court. It was super fancy bakeries and restaurants, but in a food court type display. The old lady I am with is sampling food, so I do as she does. A man recognizes her and tries to hide, but she sees him. She tells him, "I know what you did." The man gets incredibly angry. The old lady grabs my hand and we run. Not before she steals bread and candy. As we leave the train station there is an explosion. Someone shoots a cannon after the explosion and this giant ball the size of a two story house nearly runs us over. We attempt to sneak back into the station, but androids with guns are guarding the entrance. I know they were androids, because they said, "We are android." We attempted to sneak towards the entrance, but we were seen and the androids started shooting at us. We made our way to a park structure and were hiding in some weird thingy that was a slide and we ended up back in the station. Afraid of everyone around us, we hid in a structure in the train station. In my dream the words, "5 years later," appeared. NEVER in my life has this happened. The old lady I was with was now a cyborg and I had a bad ass hairstyle. We were at a train station to meet my daughter.



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