Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Polka Dots and Embroidery

As part of my online clothing browsing addiction I decided to check out Forever 21's new arrivals. It has been awhile since I checked out their site to see what they had to offer. I spotted a polka dot sweater and a embroidered skirt. Mixing different patterns is something I love to do, even if it makes me look like a crazy person. In my opinion, crazy people know how to have more fun. Would I wear these two items together? Most likely. I like mixing chunky and flow-y items together. Fashion and comfort can coincide. 

The chunky polka dot sweater is a nice addition to the outfit to keep warm, especially since it is winter in most regions of the USA. I happen to live in a region where it is hot most of the year, so when the cold fronts come in I throw on a chunky sweater and enjoy it while it last. My legs don't get cold like my upper body, so putting on an embroidered skirt like the one above with some tights will be just fine. I might buy the skirt soon, because it look like it would be a great addition to my growing closet. 


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