Tuesday, December 17, 2013

American Eagle Knit Jeggings: Crushed Berry

When I saw the AE knit jeggings I fell madly in love. The crushed berry color is out of my comfort zone and that is why I purchased this color. It is time for me to stop blending in with society and push to be different. Another reason I purchased them was the high rating it had from several other customers. 

The moment I saw them I thought of several clothing items to pair with them. My cropped t-shirt with a roaring lion print and my moto, ankle boots. The items I am talking about are no longer for sale, so I found other items I would place with it. 

1. Express Graphic T-Shirt

2. BDG Mesh Sails Sweater

3. Dr. Martens 1460 

4. Reboot Moto Jacket

All of these pieces shouldn't be placed together, but I think the items go well with those beautifully, comfortable pants. 


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