Monday, February 17, 2014

Lost Girl

I just need a moment to vent. 
On one of my favorite shows, Lost Girl, they killed off the black guy. THE ONLY BLACK GUY!




You most likely have no idea what I am talking about. 

Lost Girl is about a succubus, named Bo, that finds out she is apart of a race known as face. The fae have different powers and looks, and are divided into two sides: the light and the dark. Instead of choosing a side, the succubus chooses "human," whatever that means. She still has to feed on them to survive, if she doesn't she will go on a rampage. The only black guy on the show was her lovers friend, who is a wolf. I should stop calling him the only black guy, his name was Hale. Hale is a siren and throughout the season falls in love with a human. Season 4 Episode 13 is when he dies. I cried like a little baby who just wants to be held. He was my favorite character because he was the funniest and had amazing abs. Maybe he will comeback!?!?! MAYBE?!!? 

P.S. Please let him comeback!!!!

Update: They just killed off the human character, Kenzi. WHYYY!?!? She was my second favorite.
Two in one season, these writers are animals.

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