Wednesday, February 5, 2014

After Earth

Today, I took the plunge to watch, After Earth. I refused to watch it, because M. Night Shyamalan. Time and time again I try to give him chances, and he spits in my face. "Lady In The Water" is the only movie he created that I can watch without cringing.  From the start of "After Earth" I started to cringe. He has good ideas, but he doesn't know how to make them work. Case in point is The Last Airbender. When I heard "The Last Airbender" I was incredibly excited. Now you may be thinking what was the problem, THE PROBLEM WAS M.NIGHT! He ruined that beautifully animated television show. Firebenders needing fire to use fire. WHAT!??! NO one needed the justification of that crap. 

I am working myself up and I need to calm down.The past is the past and I am just glad they stopped him from trying to create another one. Avatar: The Last Airbender is in my top 20 United States animated television shows. I think my problem with After Earth started with the narration voiced by Jaden Smith. Acting isn't a genetic trait and being the offspring of Will Smith doesn't automatically make you incredible. As a rapper, I think Jaden Smith will be incredible rapper, because his NORMAL voice is smooth and poetic. The weird narration accent he was trying to pull off made him sound unintelligible. I kept watching, because I love Will Smith. He has a long list of incredible movies, such as, Hancock, I Am Legend, Independence Day, Men In Black and SO MUCH MORE. I learned that he cannot carry a movie with his acting abilities, when his son wasn't doing too well.

There is one incredibly nice thing about the movie, the imagery. The scenery of human evacuated Earth was beautiful. The Earth was lush and green, and the animals were thriving.

I just realized I haven't described what the film is about. WELLLLLL, I shall tell you. It is about a father and son being stranded on Earth after crash landing with the crew(they are all dead). There is also an imminent threat from most of the animals on Earth and an individual alien that is blind and senses fear. Scary. The issues between the father and son are displayed through flashbacks. The son has to venture into dangerous territory to get a beacon to send into space to save their lives.The several flashbacks through the movie are informative, but it could have been better. The boy playing a younger version of Kitai looked nothing like the older version. Is M. Night saying all black people look alike? I have an issue with that. 

I started watching this movie hoping for the best. Hoping that the critics just had sticks up their bums and were being assholes. The movie has great imagery and the moments where a certain actor isn't talking are good, but it is the talking that defines a movie. He had me in Karate Kid and lost me in After Earth. If he is in another movie I will watch it. 


P.S. Is it bad that I always root for the monster? Life doesn't always have happy endings where everyone survives. Maybe I am more of a pessimist than a realist. 

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  1. great movie, I like it :)