Monday, October 27, 2014

Sneaky, sneak, sneaker wedges


Jacket-Urban Outfitters| T-shirt-Pacsun| Plaid Skirt-Tilly's| Thigh High Socks-Japan| Sneaker Wedges- American Eagle

The moment I saw sneaker wedges I didn't like it. After seeing them on several people I decided to give it a try, because all things in fashion should be worn before judgement can be passed. Is what I will never think again. Most people know what looks good on them and I should have stuck to what I know. The sneaker wedges aren't for me and I decided to find them a new home. My preference for sneakers are flat not elevated. It looked great on so many people and I thought I could be one of them. Next time I will try a trend on at a store and not buy it before.
Lesson Learned!

P.S That trucker jean jacket, in my opinion, looks great with a short skirt and I will try to recreate this look with different shoes. 

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