Saturday, August 16, 2014

Maleficent (Short Review)

Love causes people to sometimes do bad thing. In Maleficent's case, it was how she turned evil. A boy pretended to love her and then decided to chop off her wings for his own personal gain. In movies like this you see what is wrong with some humans. Someone has let you into their life and showed you something not many people get to see, and you turn on them. It is wicked and when something bad happens to them in return, they get mad that such a thing has happened to them. Payback is truly a bitch. To get back at King Stephan for doing the bad deed he did, she cursed his daughter. She should have cursed King Stephan, but I will take what the movie gives me. 
I don't care what Rotten Tomato had to say about this movie. The movie resonated well with me. The visual effects to create the world where magical creatures exist is quite beautiful. The acting in it went well with what they were trying to portray. In my opinion, it was a good movie and I will probably watch it again and again. 

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