Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Floral, Crochet Birthday Girl

Crochet Shirt (Urban Outfitters), Floral Skirt (Gap), Flatform Espadrilles (Nasty Gal), Backpack (Urban Outfitters)
None of the items are available online since they have been purchased years and months ago.

Today is my birthday and I am okay with it this year. I may not have accomplished a lot, but I was happy (especially while eating fried chicken at BJ's brewhouse. It was amazing and I rarely say that about fried foods.). And happiness to me is very important. I took the pictures at a park I went to as a child and I think I might start going there again to exercise. They have these nice exercise stations on the running path and I took some pictures of different patterns to paint later. I hope your day is just as great as mine. Peace of mind is finally happening. 

The Silly Girl,


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